ICT for sustainable places 2013

This multidisciplinary event was organized by the RESILIENT FP7 project and benefitted from the support of the European Commission, the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP/E2BA) and the French Ecology Ministry.

The event aimed at fostering collaboration between FP7 projects involved at the crossroads of ICT, energy and construction, addressing sustainability and energy efficiency at building, district, and city levels. It provided delegates with an opportunity to interact with manufacturers, service providers, research laboratories, standard development organizations, urban planners, etc., to meet and network, share information, assess outcomes from the most advanced projects, discuss possible synergies, and envision possible standards evolution.

The event included 5 thematic sessions, 2 workshops organized by the European Commission DG Connect on energy efficient buildings data models and KPI’s, a workshop as part of the Digital City (Ville Numérique) project final event, and a visit of 2 local show rooms dedicated to smart grids and smarter cities (Nice Grid and IBM Industry Solution Center).

More than 100 delegates attended the event.