Visit of the Savona Campus Energy Simulation Facilities

On day 3 of the conference (September 18) in the morning, Sustainable Places 2015 attendees are invited to visit some of the energy simulation demonstrators at the Savona Campus tested as part of the RESILIENT project: the Smart Polygeneration Microgrid (SPM) controller and generator, and the “Energy Hub”.

The SPM is aimed at creating an open R&D facility compliant with EN/IEC 61850, feeding the energy needs of the University campus and demonstrating future smart energy systems capabilities.

The SPM is an ideal research facility to test different control algorithms or to simulate an energy market concept in a real context.

Savona SPMUniversity Campus Smart Polygeneration

SPM – Control room

The control room represents the “brain” of the Smart Polygeneration Microgrid. It hosts the servers operating both the supervision of the electric grid (Siemens PAS/WINCC) and of the thermal/mechanical one (Siemens DESIGO).

SPM – Power generation and storage facilities

The SPM integrates dispatchable and non-dispatchable energy sources, such as three microturbines, a 70 kWe photovoltaic roof, and two natural gas boilers. To cope with production and consumption volatility, two energy storages with a total capacity of about 200 kWhe have been installed. The SPM serves the energy needs of the University campus, in terms of power, heating and cooling demands. The SPM also feeds two charging units for electric vehicles within the campus.

Energy Hub (Innovative Energy Systems Laboratory)

Within the framework of the Energy-HUB European project, an experimental facility named “Energy Hub” has been developed in the Campus. The test rig emulates electrical and thermal loads, and includes different prime mover technologies: dispatchable power sources such as internal combustion engine, microgasturbine, Stirling biomass boiler, methanol fuel cells; and non-dispatchable power sources, such as photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.


The guided tour will start at 9:00 am and last about 2 hours. Take the opportunity and discover one of the RESILIENT project demo sites!